Usatov presents Get up Again Remixes

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Usatov’s house music EP Get up Again was released on August 21st on his label Dive Deep and is packed with groovy and bouncy anthems, including cheeky old school-house, a groovy minimal house track and to top it off, two tracks are pretty deep and have their own unique style. He now returns with a beautiful remix EP with colourful reworks of Get up Again. They shine with a variety of fresh interpretations by talented producers. Maximillion‘s and Behind That Ears‘ remixes are rather deep and atmospheric, while Murphy‘s and Dirty Frequenz‘ remixes are more energetic and groovy.

Usatov is a producer and Dj based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His sound ranges from deep and melancholic to groovy and fast paced while traveling through different genres. Often his love for orchestral sound such as strings and warm, acoustic elements is reflected inside his productions and is accompanied by gritty and driving baselines. He has several releases on his own label Dive Deep standing for his vision: a synthesis of deep sounding genres. This time he curated an extraordinary set of talented producers to once again bring this vision into reality.

Murphy and Maximillion are both based in Hamburg, Germany and are known influencers inside the house scene. Murphy’s minimal house remix of Fearless shines with organic and driving grooves while Maximillion, co-founder of Lauter Records, created a progressing deep house remix of Usatov’s track Deeper containing a special Lo-Fi vibe. 

Hannover-based producers Dirty Frequenz and Behind Those Ears created new sound from what was at hand: Dirty’s rework resembles techy soundscapes accompanied by Usatov‘s catchy rap lines of Get up Again while Behind Those Ears reimagined the original vibe of Catch the Train and created a very deep and dreamy ride.

The songs that are recorded on this album demonstrate the particular way of understanding the unique and deep sound of the producers, located at the opposite end of the commercial, the generic. What makes this release work: these artists aspired to create a kind of unstable magma of pulsations and radiance, of melodic strokes and blurred textures, pursuing a serene, spiritual, almost ascetic expression. All those languages ​​and influences from which this release was nurtured created new, outstanding and highly evolved sound organisms.

The idea behind this album refers us to one of the crucial attributes of music, namely its inexhaustible ability to generate states of mind that protect us at all times. Its meaning remains in the hands of lovers of electronic music, beyond the dance floor and in its essence deeply rooted in hedonism.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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