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Miami Encode Interview Cari in the latest in our series of artist QA. After their recent release on Cloudland which has been on repeat for us, we wanted to find out more.

How would you present/describe your work to someone who doesn’t know you?

The most important things in my work are a catchy melody, an athmosphere and meaningful lyrics. Music can transport you instantly into another world, wether it’s to a moment in your past or to a certain feeling, for instance euphoria on the dancefloor or the feeling of missing someone. I always keep this in mind while writig a track; to which place I want to take the listener.

And your last record? How was it born? And where do you want it to lead?

A while ago Leonardo Alvarez, founder of Cloudland Music, approached me to write a track for their label together with Eugenio Tokarev.  The label and I go way back; one of my first releases was on this label and I’ve always worked with them with such pleasure! ‘Going Deep’ was written at the beginning of February 2022. Eugenio Tokarev is such a talented producer and when he sent me the amazing instrumental I was immediately taken by it’s athmosphere and I felt it needed an ethereal vocal with lyrics reflecting the melancholic feel of the track. I hope that when people hear this they find comfort in knowing that, when the chaos of the outside world gets too loud, they can temporarily shut themselves off to find their inner peace.

What message would you like to convey to the public?

When I look at most of my lyrics they are often about finding your inner strength. I guess I like to convey self empowerment, positivity and confidence to the public.

How do you make music? What is most important for you?

I always start with thinking up the melody for a track. Then during the day, or even a few days, the track comes to life in my head. I add the lyrics which usually start with one word that comes to mind on the melody and record it in my phone. By the time I enter the studio the track is already finished in my head and I can start playing the melodies on my keyboard and record the vocals. The melody and lyrics are equally as important to me and they have to strengthen eachother.

Is there a unifying concept behind your art?

Yes, the unifying concept is that the melody has to be catchy and the lyric has to be meaningfull. And also I absolutely love harmonies and choirs. I often add those in my music.

What makes you unique?

Oh that’s always a difficult question to answer yourself. I think what makes me unique is the velvety quality of my voice in combination with a clear more powerful sound in the higher register. And I often like to co-produce parts of a track like vocal chops or piano and strings.

As for your studio, what is it currently composed of?

My DAW is Cubase, I have Komplete Audio 6 audio interface, a Rhode NTA 1 mic in a self-built singing booth and a Roland XP 80 keyboard.

What is the one instrument you would never get rid of, no matter what?

My two keyboards, a Roland E70 and a Roland XP80 Music Workstation. I’ve had them for more that 20 years now and they are just a part of my musical journey.

Do you have hope for the future of music? How would you like the future of the music industry to be?

Music will always have a future since people simply can’t live without it. I would like the music industry to be more transparent and less complicated to artists.

Can you reveal some future projects to us?

Yes, I have big projects coming up together with RAM, Allen Watts & Rene Ablaze, Alessandra Roncone and many more talented producers. I can’t wait to show them to you!

Also I’ve started to produce tracks myself again which is an old love of mine. My dream is to release my solo projects one day. But I still have a lot to learn so bare with me 🙂

What makes you happy?

My 2 year old daughter! My family and friends and making and listening to music.

What bothers you?


Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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