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El sello Joy Digital nos ha demostrado, en su largo recorrido, por una clara apuesta por una tipología de productores musicales, que si algo les caracteriza, es su irregularidad, centrados en su búsqueda de múltiples caminos inestables y que, capeando el temporal, cosechando éxitos e incorporando todo aquello que la experiencia les brinda, emergen como de sopetón con propuestas tan singulares y sorprendentes como lo es la de su propia trayectoria personal. Trabajan atentos para detectar cuándo es el momento de entrar en el estudio con los artistas para ponerlo todo patas arriba…

A continuación entrevistamos HEVI LEVI, autor de su último release: “NO LANDING GEAR”

¿Cómo presentarías tu trabajo a alguien que no te conoce?

How would you present your work to someone that don’t know you?

I make people dance rave and feel at the same time. About my last project “No landing gear” is story about traveling the space, about discovering the perfect place to make party in, No landing gear it’s a project about discovering and finding the perfect place for rave, and in the last track of this project everybody will understand that the rave is in you, if you decide to rave you can rave at home, you can rave with friends and just rave from inside, rave is a state not a place.

¿Y tu último trabajo? ¿De dónde nace? ¿Y a dónde quieres llevar?

And your last work? Where is it born? And where do you want to go?

It born in my studio in my mind and it’s going up every day I am going to make more good music and I want to effect as many people as I can to listen to my music to feel them better because of it and having fan and smile and that what I want to do and I will do it.

¿Qué mensaje te gustaría transmitir al público?

Which message would you like to transmit to the public?

It’s all about being happy with yourself, given fuck about everything else and just be happy, I am sorry that I saying it but happiness is about given less fuck in the end, the dumber you are the happy you are and I just want to do what I want, I will try to do it every day and if everybody will focusing on what they want and not what they need or whatever they want to take from other people the world will be a butter place. So, the best way is to do what you want without having anyone else and help when you can, it’s pretty simple.

¿Cómo nació tu último proyecto?

About your last Project, How did it born?

(it was in second question)

¿Qué quieres transmitir en este trabajo? ¿Cuál es el concepto que hay detrás?

What do you want to transmit in this work? Which is the concept behind?

My last work called “No landing gear” it contains 5 tracks, first one came out on August 19th and the second one – Eris will be released on the 9th of September 2022.

The concept of this project is the journey, but journey in time and space among the stars. These tracks somehow combine very futuristic music sounds with some 90s sounds, even goa trance sounds, but in the end, it stays house. The idea of this project “No landing gear” means – “This time l am fly and I don’t care if I am land or not, I just want to make it the best I can” and all the rest of the track including Eris that will released soon will be about stars or asteroids in space, in the end it will be 5 tracks, I chose every star’s name because of the reason and if you want to know the reason – listen to the tracks!

En cuanto a tu estudio, ¿de qué está compuesto actualmente?

About your Studio , what do you have inside?

Everything, I have speakers and a lot of Roland synthesizers, I have Moog and my piano, soundcard and audio monitors, turntables, vinyl, recording booth

¿Cuál es el único instrumento del que nunca te desharías, pase lo que pase?

That instrument that you will never sell whatever happens?

I don’t believe in instruments, it’s not an instrument if there is no a player, an artist, but the instrument I like the most is my piano, I don’t think I will ever sell it because I don’t sell stuff, they die

¿Cuál fue la última tienda de discos que visitaste? ¿Y qué rescataste de allí?

Last record shop that you visited was? And what did you get there?

I used to buy a lot off vinyl and cd when it was something, now most of the music come from promos, from dj that want me to play their music and I also take some from beatport if I need something like more mainstream. The real actual shop that I visit was on Piccadilly Street in London around 12 years ago and I bought one of Sasha album, most of my life I play on vinyl but now it’s not a thing anymore.

¿Tienes esperanza en el porvenir de la música? ¿Cómo te gustaría que fuera el porvenir de la industria musical?

Do you have hope in the music future? And what would you like to be the future of it?

Of course, I have hope in music future, I think music is like soundtrack of our life and I have hope in the world I think it’s doing great it’s great time to live in, everybody think that the past was better but if you look back you will see the nowadays is very good, a lot of awareness in the world people aware of everything from hunger to animal treats to everything, and I think it reflect the music, I have hope for the world and for the music scene.

¿Puedes desvelarnos algunos proyectos futuros?

Could you tell us about any future projects?

No, I have future projects but I don’t like to talk about them until it will be like super solid.

¿Qué te hace feliz?

What makes you happy?

Happy people, if people happy I am become happy immediately

¿Qué te molesta?

What bothers you?

I don’t like mean people I don’t like stupidity in way that people don’t want to learn I don’t talk about when people can’t learn, a lot of people just block and don’t want to learn, this is bothering me. And situation in the middle east super bothering me, I am a middle east resident, I live in Israel and Israel under attack almost 24/7, it’s the only place in the world where you get rockets and keep on living and go to work and no other country in the world would suffer it. And solving it is very problematic, it’s not like we can kill each other and that’s it, it will not end like this, and apparently living together is not something that we do, so this situation is bothering me more than others.


Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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