Alan Wools & Etonika — You’re Not Alone

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Every person in the world needs to know: you are not alone. We all need support, love and trust. Perhaps that’s why songs like “You’re Not Alone” don’t become obsolete over time and find a response in the hearts of people from different generations. It’s been 27 years since this song was released. The band called Olive, which performed the original version, has long since disappeared. But “You’re Not Alone” has a life of its own. In 2002, this masterpiece of calm trip-hop found a new audience among trance fans thanks to a successful remix by ATB. After that, pop artists, DJs, rappers, and even the new indie R&B star Erykah De Cassie covered Olive’s song numerous times. After that, pop artists, DJs, rappers, and even the new indie r&b star Erika de Casier covered Olive’s song numerous times.

The newly formed Ukrainian electronic duo Alan Wools & Etonika will also present their version of “You’re Not Alone”. Experienced producer Alan Wools, also known for his participation in the melodic techno project Two Are, turned the cult hit into a powerful dance banger with elements of modern progressive. However, thanks to the melancholy alluring vocals of the singer and DJ Etonika, the duo managed to preserve the dreamy mood of the original and organically combine it with hard drops.

It’s interesting that this release is the first in the duo’s discography. Most likely, it should outline the musical vector of the new project, which will range from trip-hop and downtempo to energetic trance and house variations. Alan Wools & Etonika perform a lot not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe and even in India. In their sets, you can hear a lot of unreleased tracks that are very intriguing. The artists themselves promise that soon everyone will hear them. So this is just a prologue to their common story. A story that starts with a very correct and more relevant than ever message.


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Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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