Amirali – Deep Inside EP [DAYS like NIGHTS]

today10/24/2023 17

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Amirali – Deep Inside EP [DAYS like NIGHTS]

The canvas of the underground is often splashed with unseen colours when an artist like Amirali takes to the stage. “Deep Inside EP” is the latest token of his musical alchemy, brought to light under the DAYS like NIGHTS label. This three-piece narrative commences with the ’80s cadence of ‘Deep Inside,’ a track that doesn’t just play, but pirouettes in a realm where nostalgia meets novelty. Following suit, ‘Reborn’ and ‘Prisma’ are spaces that flit from vintage vibes to modern club kinetics, embodying a duality that’s come to define Amirali’s sound.

Amirali’s release comes after a string of high profile events including a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, globe-trotting tours, and a duo of albums that left critics in an awe-stricken trance.

This Tehran-origin, London-forged artist doesn’t just walk but dances through the corridors of electronica, leaving behind a trail worth following.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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