Andy Morello presents TAPES [51Beats]

today07/07/2022 33

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The TAPES are those relics, relics of a future past, buried under ash and rubble, now resurfacing and rebuilding. The TAPES return the sound of an era and its decline, letting out a secret desire for change and a deep search for oneself. They tell, through sound, about the human soul and its fragility. They narrate dreams, visions and desires even though they are recorded in (today) almost obsolete media. TAPES is a compilation of songs created during one-take sessions performed with a modular synthesis system, a reverb pedal, and originally recorded on magnetic tape through a 1984 Tascam Porta One tape recorder. TAPES is a visionary, decadent EP , futuristic, mystical and science fiction, capable of transporting the listener to a distant world.

This Andy Morello compilation is a ray of sonic light to keep us moving forward in these strange times. Full of energy with all the nuances and flavors of left field. Conceived as a meeting, but also as a journey through different parts of the world, the album is full of dark and hypnotic sounds and counterpoint with overwhelming rhythms. And it is that, in a musical panorama that tends towards uniformity, this album is presented as a collection of songs, not of DJ tools, but of tracks that work just as well at home as in a club. Themes that take us beyond the known, embracing the mystery, a darkness yet to be discovered. Lose yourself exploring outside of your local sphere of influence with these house tunes.

The result of this V/A is very personal, and manages to unleash a feeling that is sometimes disconcerting, familiar and welcoming at the same time, which marks the end of one stage and the beginning of another, for a label that has never stopped. . . surprise us, give us premium positive vibes and bet on artists capable of questioning, like few others, the established. A delight only suitable for music lovers.


Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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