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A new indoor festival, Soft Planet, is launching in January 2022 at Frankfurt's Zoom Club, formerly known as Cocoon Club. The inaugural event will take place from 10:PM on January 21 to 3:PM on January 22. The new festival says on their socials that they "[envision] the club as a gathering of diverse bodies celebrating their interconnectedness and softness." They "[combine] mutual empowerment and respect within a comprehensive, global-minded club […]

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R.O.S.H will now go under a new alias Works Of Intent. In a post on social media on November 15, the producer announced to his fans that he will now be referred to as Works Of Intent which he explains in a long-form essay on the effect British Colonialism had on the South Asian diaspora. This is explained on greater detail on this Twitter thread by himslef.   I've changed my […]

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The Netherlands, first post-summer lockdown in western Europe

The Netherlands has entered another 3-week partial lockdown from Saturday; one of the measures includes nightclubs closing at 8:00 PM. This new regulation comes into place after the Netherlands recorded its highest number of cases in one day. This resulted in the 7-day average surpassing over 12,000 cases. Over 85% of the adult population in the country are fully vaccinated against the virus. Other measures that have come into place […]

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World Top List

Welcome to the WORLD TOP LIST, where you will find the most important tracks on the dancefloors from all over the world.We are presenting you an exhaustive list every other week, where we are going to list the tracks we are feeling the most on that time. If you think we are going only to chart Peak Time Techno, you are wrong. You will be able to find tracks ranging […]

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[VKU010] – VA [Review]

VK Underground has done it once  again with this amazing Various Artists' EP with 5 smashing techno tracks. They always keep it simple, so they just call it "[VKU010]". No  brainer at all, it is just its reference number. If we have to judge a book by its cover, this EP is an enormous WTF! I have to admit that I didn't get the artwork at the beginning, but remember, […]

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New Beatport?

I just woke up from a power nap when... New Beatport? What on Earth is going on? I found on my social's feed that they just changed their logo. So I needed to dig a little bit more on this. I was relly shocked by that new "b" or however you want to call it.  Seriously, that designer is gold if could sell that, can sell anything. Then, I stroke […]

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Edwardteach & Mad Cold – Draconians EP [Review]

  There is not much to say about the label called 33 Degrees Fahrenheit, apart from that they really know their business. For their 25th release they have a massive EP that has amazed all the electronic music industry heavy weights, such as DJs, Producers, Curators, Label Owners. Half of them cannot believe it, and the other half are turning green with envy.    This special EP brings together Mad […]

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The Chemical Brothers – The Darkness That You Fear [Review]

First things first, I have to say that I am a big fan of the Manchester duo know as The Chemical Brother, so you cannot take my review as an impartial one. This is without any doubt a very positive and optimistic track, that if you don't pay attention to, at the beginning may sound a bit dark. However, I do believe that is exactly the intention of its creators. […]

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The Dewaele brothers, better known as 2manydjs or Soulwax, have launched a new audiovisual project under his DEEWEE label umbrella. They have started an online TV series on Youtube. It counts with 4 episodes and live performances that inmerse you onto a complete aesthetic experience of music and visual arts. Source: Clubbing Spain  

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