BIIANCO drops highly anticipated new record ‘This Beat Is Gonna Eat Me Alive’

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LA-based artist BIIANCO releases their next single, ‘This Beat Is Gonna Eat Me Alive’ out on June 30th on Venice Records. A mainstay in their sets, as well as having received support from BBC Radio 1 in recent months, the new record is the focus single off of Mixtape #3 and the final single from a steady stream of dancefloor destroyers unveiled this year. 


Aptly named, ‘This Beat Is Gonna Eat Me Alive’, it does exactly what its namesake says. An ethereal and powerful record which seamlessly fuses elements of modern melodic techno practicality with the reckless emotional abandon reminiscent of 90s rave music which BIIANCO is fast becoming synonymous with. 


Quickly establishing themselves as a captivating force within the industry – ‘This Beat Is Gonna Eat Me Alive’ fluctuates between UK breakbeat and a minimalistic driving 909 kick that combines a relentless and evolving acid bassline with a confessional vocal – it’s also the first track from BIIANCO’s diverse discography that features only their original vocals in. 


Speaking about the record BIIANCO says: “I wrote and produced ‘This Beat Is Gonna Eat Me Alive’ all in one day motivated purely by a need for a specific type of song in my DJ sets. I needed a driving, ravey banger that smacks emotionally as hard as it drops sonically. I had been crate digging but couldn’t find the right song so I created it. They say some songs have a life of their own and this one is just that. Since its introduction to my set earlier this year, this song has become a runaway fan favourite — the most videoed moment of every set I’ve played and the most requested track ID. 


They go on to add: It’s the first and only track on Mixtape #3 that features only my vocals and that bears some emotional weight for me as it’s the first track I’ve sung on since my vocal cord surgery last year. I think it’s so fitting that the song’s only lyrics are “I know I get so high this beat is gonna eat me alive” because it’s kind of like my love song to the dance floor. I hope it makes people feel a wild catharsis across sweaty warehouse dance floors around the world forevermore.”


‘This Beat Is Gonna Eat Me Alive’ is a further testament of BIIANCO’s commitment to raw emotional electronic music and is the perfect soundtrack to rave hedonism for those intimate, sweaty dance floor moments. 


Artist Info:


BIIANCO is the Duke and Duchess of a new generation of electronic and dance music, seamlessly integrating their work as a producer, DJ, performing artist and social media mad scientist.  BIIANCO’s London/LA transcontinental life has moulded their sound into a unique blend of emotionally soaked dance music reminiscent of Jamie XX, Gorgon City, Haai or Fred Again that sonically draws on the American house music scene they perform in regularly and the UK electronic culture they are now immersed in.  

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Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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