Bonkers presents Year IV

today12/01/2022 20

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The Bonkers label has shown us a clear commitment to a typology of music producers, which if something characterizes them is their irregularity, focused on their search for multiple unstable paths and who, weathering the storm, reaping successes and incorporating everything that gives them the experience, appear out of nowhere with proposals as unique and surprising as their own personal career. They work attentively to detect when it is time to enter the studio with the artists to turn everything upside down…

Like every anniversary year, Bonkers has the tradition of the special annual compilation, bringing a host of extraordinary new artists to the label. This VA is the sound that Bonkers represents, a sound to travel, to listen to, to dance to and to enjoy. Now for year IV we have on board: Sobek, Colossio Feat Animales Nocturnos, Ludviq & Radial Gaze, Moisees & ZEA, ID_UA and Oblako Maranta.

The songs on this compilation are forceful and leap above the prevailing conventions, knowing how to avoid the most recurring rough edges and darkness, looking for dance but without predictable tricks and without exceeding an understandable level of experimentation appropriate to the subject.

Paradoxically, to achieve simplicity and lucidity requires experience and the ability to know how to free oneself from the limitations of conditioning, and this compilation is a healthy example of this.


Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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