Cyazon – Behind the Scenes of ‘Where Do We Go’ Remix [Interview]

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In this exclusive interview, we dive into the creative process of the talented music Producer Cyazon, as he walks us through his recent remix of Dimension’s ‘Where Do We Go.’ Discover how he approached the remix, overcame challenges, and added his unique touch while staying true to the essence of the original track. Cyazon shares insights into his signature style, favorite aspects of remixing, and the inspiration he draws from fellow producer Dimension. Get ready for an insider’s look at the artistry behind this compelling remix.

Hello Cyazon! How are you?

Hello! Doing well, thank you.

Can you walk us through your creative process when approaching the remix of ‘Where Do We Go’? How did you decide on the overall direction and style?

I mainly decided which elements from the original I wanted to highlight in the remix, which was mainly the piano and similar chord progressions and pads. I realized while creating the buildup, that I can use the same synth pluck arp as the main melody in the drops/choruses. So, that made the creation process easier. Then I decided I wanted something simple for the bass in the drops, and went for a rolling bassline. The overall direction I remember was decided while I was creating. Eventually, I knew that this was going to be a Melodic Drum & Bass remix.

Were there any specific challenges you encountered during the production process of this remix, and how did you work to overcome them?

I think one of the challenges was making my remix sound different than the original and not too similar. I overcame it by creating my own melodies, bassline progressions, and sounds.

Were there any elements from Dimension’s original track that you wanted to maintain and highlight in your mix? If so, how did you work to enhance them?

One of the elements I wanted to maintain from the original, and use in my remix is the piano. I enhanced it by adding more notes to each of the chords in the progression during the intro and breakdown.

How do you balance staying true to the original essence of a track while injecting your own unique flavour?

A lot of it is using the same chord progression in the synth pads, but adding additional notes to the chords to make it something of my own. Also, using similar analog/vintage-sounding elements as the original while still being my own sound also helps that balance too.

How do you feel this remix showcases your skills and unique style as a Producer?

I feel that my skills and style are showcased in this bassline, as well as, the sound design of the main synth pluck arp in the choruses/drops. I also think my songwriting/arrangement of the melodic elements really showcases myself as a Producer as well.

What was your favourite part about working on this remix?

I really liked working on the melodic elements in this remix, and creating a reinterpretation of the original with new melodies.

What inspires you about Dimension and his approach as a Producer?

I really like the analog sound design of his melodic and bass elements. I also enjoy listening to his songwriting and production approach for each of his tracks. It really shows how skilled he is in making a good song that is catchy, along with his choices in vocalists/singers.

The rolling bassline is a huge highlight in this track. What is your approach to getting this kind of bassline from a creative standpoint?

A few things I did to achieve this rolling bassline are, using different saw wave wavetables and the Icanhaskick wavetable in Serum. I also used 5 unison voices and detuned them to make it a little wider/bigger of a sound. A slight low-pass filter being automated by a quick down-sloped envelope also helps create the plucky sound in the bass.

How did you process the bass to have that nice top click/crunch to cut through the mix?

A few things I am doing to create the top click/crunch in the bass are the following; I am using multi band compression as well as tube distortion in Serum. I’m also using a plugin called gain reduction deluxe to have the bass appear bigger and more upfront in the mix. I added a high shelf EQ with pro-Q 3 at 8khz by about 4db to accentuate the high end/top click.

This genre is all about the drums and bass (of course 😉 ). What are your go to samples for achieving that authentic pattern?

For the drums, a lot of it is choosing the right kick, snare, hats, and cymbals that fits the song and genre, so I do not really have a go to sample for drums. For the bass, I have made a few bass plucks and reeses in Serum that fit well. I usually just tweak the preset I made with a different wavetable. Saw waves and Icanhaskick wavetable works great with a lot of distortion.

Does creating remixes help inspire you for your own original projects?

Yes, creating remixes helps me learn new songwriting and production techniques to implement into my own original projects.

As we finish this exclusive interview with Cyazon, we thank him for his time as we’ve learned more about his creative process and the production skills behind his remix of ‘Where Do We Go.’ His ability to maintain the essence of the original track while infusing it with his unique style is proof of his skills as a Producer, and one to follow closely. We look forward to hearing more of his innovative remixes and original projects in the future.

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Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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