Dad of the Year presents The Switch

today09/20/2022 16

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Dad of the Year is one of those artists who exemplifies that music has to be, however, a long-distance race, where things happen in order, with time in between, appealing to patience and learning. Obsessed as everyone is by novelty and quick stimulation, there is often a tendency to forget that real artists take years to find their true voice and reach juicy maturity.

The result with this The Switch is music that is difficult to pigeonhole, exposed to the law of gravity like any object in the universe – music that weighs and attracts with invisible and powerful threads – but music that also floats. The idea that drives this track refers us to one of the crucial attributes of music, and that is its inexhaustible ability to generate moods that guard us at all times. Its meaning remains in the hands of lovers of electronic music, beyond the dance floor and all hedonism.


Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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