Dalson’s ‘Jack Rabbit’ EP – A Dynamic Release on Cenital Music

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Dalson’s ‘Jack Rabbit’ EP – A Dynamic Release on Cenital Music

Dalson’s latest offering on Cenital Music, ‘Jack Rabbit,’ is a kaleidoscope of sonic textures and moods. Released on May 3, 2023, the EP encapsulates five distinct tracks, each contributing a novel flavor to the overall journey.

The title track, ‘Jack Rabbit,’ pulls listeners in with its driving bass line and complex melodies – a recipe for a dance floor filler. The Zstimer remix takes the original and injects it with an additional dose of vivacity, creating an invigorating fresh take.

Meanwhile, ‘Awakening,’ serves as a contemplative interlude amidst the energy, its original mix threading an ethereal soundscape that is introspective yet expansive. The ÜSHMÜEL remix of ‘Awakening’ adds a vintage spin to the mix, setting a more classic tone to the track.

Closing the EP is ‘Infinity,’ a brilliant blend of pulsating rhythms and intricate melodies that hold listeners captive in its auditory grasp. This EP, bearing shades of Audiojack, Gorge, Kevin Yost, Guy J, and D-Knox, solidifies Dalson’s prowess in the realm of music production.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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