DJC’s Sexy House Thang

today07/13/2023 9

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DJC’s Sexy House Thang



In an era rife with musical assembly lines, DJC’s ‘Sexy House Thang’, released on NexGen Music’s Affectionate Grooves imprint, is an anomaly. It’s a radiant tapestry woven from house-infused Latin, jazz, soul, and funk threads, showcasing the vivid textures of more than 350 channels of sonic sensation.


On this record, DJC collaborates with DJ/Vocalist/Fashion Designer Bijoux and up-and-coming artists R.G.C. + R.B.C., forging a soundscape that is as audacious as it is infectious. An accompanying animated video adds another layer of immersion, painting a psychedelic journey that invigorates both the senses and the soul. In essence, ‘Sexy House Thang’ serves as a living testament to DJC’s deep respect and unwavering passion for funky house music.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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