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Edwardteach & Mad Cold – Draconians EP [Review]

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There is not much to say about the label called 33 Degrees Fahrenheit, apart from that they really know their business. For their 25th release they have a massive EP that has amazed all the electronic music industry heavy weights, such as DJs, Producers, Curators, Label Owners. Half of them cannot believe it, and the other half are turning green with envy. 

Draconians EP Cover, with some yellowish masks on the background


This special EP brings together Mad Cold, who is the label’s head honcho and Edwardteach, who always delivers a very reliable techno. If you have been following them during the last months it is not a surprise to see them collaborating on great tracks that have been smashing the Beatport charts since the beginning of this year.

To start with, we find an incredible original mix created in collaboration by Edwardteach & Mad Cold. It can be defined as an energetic techno track with an important progressive element. The main melodic element is a synthetic bass line that supports the whole track with strength and elegance. The remaining elements on this track are carefully elaborated and placed around the main element giving it that sense of movement and cohesiveness that every masterpiece must have. From the main arpeggio to the percussion around the main element there is nothing that I would move from its place. 

Edwardteach ready to deliver some “punchy” techno

Once I finished the original track, I couldn’t expect what was coming just after it. A remix by “The YellowHeads”. If you don’t know anything about this techno duo it can be because you come from Mars or because you have been living under a rock for the last decade. They don’t need to be introduced, but just in case I can only say that they are responsible for some of the most successful techno tracks on Beatport in recent times. For example, their track Planet X has been on Beatport’s Techno (Peak Time) Hype Top Ten since July 2020.

Who are those masked guys?

“The YellowHeads” just delivered a massive modern techno track keeping the essential elements from the original track such as the main bass line. Then some of the elements around have been substituted by other elements more in line with the genre main stilistic lines such as that kind of “Brass Horn” sound. We can only say that they have set the foundations for a true techno anthem that is going to hit all the dancefloors around the world during this summer.

PS. If you thought this was enough, you were very wrong. They are so confident about this release that they are giving away an exclusive remix of their track draconians to everyone that sends them the Beatport’s purchase receipt to: free@33degreesfahrenheit.com

Written by: Rwbel Official

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