EXODUS Chapter 01: Genesis [EXODUS Recordings]

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EXODUS Chapter 01: Genesis [EXODUS Recordings]

Unveiling its debut EP, EXODUS Recordings brings forth a rich tapestry of sounds with “EXODUS Chapter 01: Genesis.”

This is not just a collection of tracks, but a narrative from the ashes of SYNTHEKE Records to the birth of a new sonic realm.

The EP showcases raw, hypnotic, and melodic techno beats that take the listener on a transcendental journey.

The voyage commences with Danny lo Scippo’s “Pulse”, ascending progressively to 140 BPM, embodying the next generation of electronic music.

As the BPM escalates, so does the intensity of the psychedelic techno aura in tracks like go-Dratta’s “Trasi” and Riccardo Noè’s “Ahura Mazdā”.

CNS’s “Phase IV” is the crowning glory that encapsulates the genesis and the journey within. “EXODUS Chapter 01: Genesis” is not merely an EP, it’s a proclamation of the evolution in techno cadence.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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