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30drop returns, after standing out on his own label 30D Records, as well as others such as Token, Detroit Underground or Hayes Collective. Now he does it with his latest release on 30D Records, ‘Insight Into Mind And Space’ is the latest full-length project from techno producer and label owner 30drop. It is a collection of 10 tracks previously released on Jeff Mills’ Axis labels in digital format. The original albums ‘Soroban’ and ‘Photosynthetic Zone Manifesto’ have been released in the years 2020 and 2021 and will now be available on vinyl in a limited edition for the first time.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him to talk about it and this has been the result.

How would you present your work to someone who doesn’t know you?
My music is a sound journey that combines elements of science fiction and avant-garde experimentation. I pretend that it is an experience that must be experienced and felt. I like to present my work as a portal to alternate realities, where boundaries are blurred and imagination is free to roam.

Your music has been inspired by science fiction since the beginning, how do you value a present where it seems that science fiction is not as present as it was in the 90s? What do you think this symptom is due to?
As for science fiction, it is true that there has been a change in the way it is presented in music today. I think this is due to the evolution of the interests and concerns of society. Science fiction in the 1990s reflected a time of rapid technological advances and futuristic expectations. Today, we are more immersed in technology, which has led to a greater need to reflect on its implications and the challenges we face as humanity.

What led you to create your 30D label and how much do you think it has evolved since its inception? Where is it headed and which artists would you like to unveil?
The creation of the label, 30D, was driven by the desire to provide a space for artists who share my musical vision and to explore new sonic territories. Since its inception, it has evolved in terms of reach and the ability to give a voice to emerging and experienced artists. We are moving towards more collaboration and finding new ways to present electronic music.

It is also very important for me that other people are involved within the label, as is the case of Angel Molina, who develops the A&R work. He fled from the figure of the label as a tool for his own promotion. I believe in an old-fashioned record label, that is, a platform where talents from the music scene are discovered, supported and promoted.

Could you tell us about your last job? Where is it born from? What would you like to transmit?
Insight Into Mind And Space is an album that arises from my 2 previous albums released on Axis Records, Jeff Mills’ record label. The first of those albums called ‘Soroban’ experiments on the creation and evolution of human consciousness. The second, ‘Photosynthetic Zone Manifesto’; It does so about the hypothetical but possible evolution of plant life in the Universe and the possibility that it could have become intelligent and create technologically advanced societies in some corner of the cosmos.
So this new album combines the two previous ones; with the intention of giving a broad vision of how linked human consciousness is with the Universe and at the same time of the infinite ignorance that we have about it.

What does the name of each track refer to?
The name of each track is a reflection of its essence and its meaning. As it is a conceptual album, the titles respond to specific concepts that I have delved into and experimented with. In this case in the field of the evolution of life in the Universe. The scientific work has been done in collaboration with the PhD in Biology Molecular, Meritxell Rosell.

Finally, what can be heard behind each track are fragments of my artistic vision that are intertwined into a coherent whole, although their interpretation depends on the listener.It seems that your latest work is reminiscent of your first productions.

Has this reading of your first compositions been conscious?
It is interesting that you perceive reminiscences of my first productions in my last job. My artistic approach is fluid and constantly evolving, but always maintaining a connection with my essence. I think it is natural that certain elements and sensibilities
appear at different times in my career.

What has been the creative process in this last work? Have you had blocks for some reason or was it created all at once?

The creative process on this latest work was a journey in itself. I can not say no have had blocks or moments of uncertainty, but that is part of the process creative. Sometimes the blocks challenged us to find new forms of expression and to exceed our own limits. The creation was a combination of experimentation, sound exploration and a constant search for balance between the mind and the most visceral.

As for your studio, what is it currently made up of?
As for my studio, it is made up of a wide range of synths analog and digital, drum machines, effects processors and recording equipment.

Technology plays a crucial role in my creative process, but I also value the Connection with the tangible and the organic.

What is the one instrument you would never get rid of, no matter what?
If there was one instrument I would never get rid of, it would be my Electron Machinedrum UW MKII. It is a versatile tool that allows me to explore endless sonic possibilities and experiment with unique polyrhythms.

Do you have hope for the future of music? How would you like it to be future of the music industry?
The power to unite people and transcend barriers. As the evolution music industry, it is important to maintain diversity and encourage creativity. Me would like to see a future where artists are free to explore and experiment without restrictions, where music is valued for its authenticity and its ability to provoke deep emotions.

Do you have any final words of wisdom?
I can’t convey wise concepts at all, but I would like to convey the importance to maintain passion and curiosity in our creative path. art is a journey continuous discovery and personal growth. Don’t be afraid to challenge the conventions, exploring uncharted territory, and embracing your uniqueness.

Stay true to your artistic vision and never stop looking for new forms of expression.
Authenticity is the key to leaving a lasting mark in the world of music.


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Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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