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Miami Encode Interview today is with an artist behind one of our favorite tracks this summer, lets talk to Anwei Huss.

How would you present/describe your work to someone who doesn’t know you?

I try not to pigeon-hole anything, as it’s nice to let people listen and make up their own mind. That said, ‘Huss EP’ could probably sit within some kind of Venn diagram between deep house, balearic, ambient and dub techno.

And your last record? How was it born? And where do you want it to lead?

‘Huss EP’ is a result of urban daydreaming and nostalgic longing. The music draws upon distant memories and faraway places, while embracing the pulsating rhythms of city living. It’s a result of a few years developing a certain process of music-making, combining ethereal sounds with deep rhythms and blending acoustic and electronic instruments with home and field recordings.

The vinyl has also been produced using eco-conscious materials and processes, and pressed as a small-scale run. The records use 100% recycled granulate in a zero-waste factory, with a recycled kraftpack sleeve and eco-friendly labels and ink. I think it’s important to try to push the industry towards a more sustainable way of doing things.

How do you make music? What is most important for you?

I tend to make music across a range of styles, depending on the mood and what I’m working on at any given time. So sometimes I’ll be working on a track and it’ll naturally tend towards something more downtempo, or more four-to-the-floor, or it won’t be electronic music at all. Oftentimes, an electronic track will come from noodling on an instrument, and experimenting with field recordings and effects processing to drive it somewhere interesting. Other times, it’ll start more traditionally as a beat, bassline or a certain sound idea and go from there.

Ultimately, it needs to have some backbone or resonate in a certain way to develop it further. That’s also true for the listener or audience.

Is there a unifying concept behind your art?

Deep and delicate sounds.

What makes you unique?

The musical process blends ambient noise recordings, natural sounds and experimental effects processing with more traditionally produced rhythms, melodies and percussive loops. At the end of the process, hopefully it’s a nice mix of deep and organic sounds.

What is the one instrument you would never get rid of, no matter what?

If we’re talking desert island, it’d probably be a guitar. In terms of music production, it’s probably the laptop.

Do you have hope for the future of music? How would you like the future of the music industry to be?

More empowered artists, more independent artists and labels, and more sustainable initiatives.

Can you reveal some future projects to us?

I’m currently thinking about the next release for Anwei Huss, plus a few other things here and there.

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Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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