INTERVIEW: ELIEZER presents ‘Ritmica La Noar’ EP [Play Pal Music]

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After numerous releases over the past 12 months, Tel Aviv-based Eliezer joins us, along with label friends Mufti, Skelseys and Ackerman to deliver ‘Ritmica La Noar’ [Play Pal Music], three guitar-heavy sonic meditations backed with remixes by the French duo Kimshies. , Modular Project and Tyu.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with Eliezer and this has been the result.


Hi Eliezer, how are you? How are you handling your creative work with the
current situation in the world?
All good here tanks.
Actually this album created at the pick of the situation so It was a lot of
studio time and video with producers friends from all over.
From when you started until now, when has your sound changed?
I stick with my sound because I work a lot with my guitar even if it sound
synth and I’m really picky with the sounds and fx that I choose.
Even when I try to escape from my sound other people remind me hahah..and I

What do you want to transmit in Ritmica La Noar? What is your concept
behind it?
The concept was clear a lot of young people start dealing with the new
sound that we create in Tel aviv that it’s like the R&R vibe inside our
techno and floor nusuc.
So the name mean music for the youth like see the basic samples guitars and
drums to reflect to the young g the vibe of CBGB, Hacienda…..
What can you tell about the collaborations with each artist? What can you
tell about each track?
It was so cool sending files get them back and forward Actually all freinds
so it start more like as take this track let’s do it and each one gave he’s
extra magic  now I’m gonna see mufti Damian came visit me in Tel Aviv, and
with Ackerman we created Deadly Weapons…
What has been your production criteria for this EP?
I’m not working with criteria it’s something build in inside me can’t help
it its more about picking the people you want to work in
What other projects are you working on?
Working on my wife Album that’s going to be really crazy, folk post punk
electronic ….pop.
And the Deadly Weapons that were like lso really crazy together Ackerman
and my self
Ther one with c.a.r that also come out great
Alot of project and also my baby with niv
New Day Everyday
What makes you happy?
Raphael Emmanuelle my kids and my wife isadora
What makes you sad?
All the rest
Do you have any final words of wisdom?
Cook your on food play your own music (and friends sure)

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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