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We have had the pleasure of interviewing Marco Hessler and this has been the result.

What was the first thing that attracted you to the world of electronic music?

That was my dads record Alan Parson – Lucifer. But Kraftwerks Man-Machine had massive impact on me too!

 Do you remember any album or concert that made you see everything in a different way?

Talking techno music, I have a long-term relationship with Maurizio‘s M-Series. M 4,5 is a track that attracted me since i heard it in the 90‘s, and still sounds fresh & amazing, after decades. That alone is incredibly mindblowing, but i will not start talking Maurizio / R&S unless asked cause i could easily write a long essay about the impact those 2 guys from Berlin had on me. There‘s a Red Bull Music Academy Lecture from Moritz Von Oswald  and his perspective on music divided into horizontal & vertical music was an enlightened insight!

 Since you got into this professionally, what did you miss at a national, international level? And what helped you grow the most, including believing in yourself?

What helped the most was the love of music. I learned thru decades of listening to a myriads of inspiring artists. Plus taking some years learning the basic principles of electronic music , foremost mixing & sounddesign & networking with people interested in the same genres & dedicated to create a unique sound and not just copy, that was what made me better. Greetings to the artist „Vapnik“ for walking that route together.

 How did you decide to embark on your last job? How are you living the music scene in your city with this cloudy pandemic situation?

As i‘m working fulltime in a job not connected to music plus being a father of 3 , my connections to a physical music scene is pretty limited. But cooking my stuff in the little lab makes me feel good, and being able to share that with the world enhances that! So, external influences on my music are limited to creative ones.

 What are your favorite places to hang out in the city?

Being in pure nature , going into the woods with fam & dogs is clearing the mind, thats what i love to do the most. In the city probably record stores or sushi restaurants.

Have you had time to focus on making music, spending time with your family, or planning future projects?

I have to take my 90+ min in the evening to work on my craft, thats when i get focused on my music. The stuff i work on is always for the next release, but at some point when i think i’m ready i want to finish a full lenght album. Also thinking about how working with a singer in a way thats unheard would be a unique adventure.

 Do you have any final words of wisdom?

As a teenager a famous musician told me a quote of another famous musician , and that one stayed with me thru the decades:

The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.  Mozart



Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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