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Slovak artist Milos releases his debut album ‘No One Can Affect This’ in November, composed of fourteen original compositions that meander between dub techno, glitch, microhouse and experimental influences.

Milos Fedor is a music producer, DJ and audio engineer based in Bratislava, Slovakia with a history dating back to the turn of the millennium, where he started out as a DJ in his own territory and later released material for artists such as Portable’s Süd Electronic, and Multi Vitamins among others. He later launched the Leporelo label and a series of events alongside friends that welcomed artists such as Akufen, Deadbeat, Sonja Moonear and Subb-an, while the label has been home to Milos and many other talents in their circles over the years. more than a decade now.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with Milos and this has been the result.

Hello! Where can we find you right now? How did you start your day?
Hi guys. First of all, thanks for having me… It’s Saturday today, so just chillin with my family at home… I was promoting my album in one radio station yesterday and went to some DJ friends playing in smaller venue here in Bratislava.

When did the idea of launching a new album project like your upcoming ‘No One Can Affect This’ begin to form? Has it always been something you wanted to do, to release a long form electronic album? 
Well, I know these days an album release sounds ridiculous especially in electronic music but I’ve been making music for more than 20 years and I thought, there should be an album. I’ve been thing about the idea of releasing an album for couple years and now it’s finally here. I can say now, I’ve got an album and I fully realize that it would make much more sense to release those tracks one by one or so through next following years but the feeling would not be the same at all…

How would you define the sound of your latest work?
It’s my sound. I have some background, some strong influences on me, some inspirations, some history. I tried to go back to the roots… Original ideas, not following anything, try to be unique. Most of the tracks are based on house & techno but with my unique touch and ideas. I did not put anything there what would feel 100% not me… Hope people will like it and those tracks find their way to be heard and danced to. The groove is there

What artists are you interested in these days?
I still enjoy music by some names from some years ago… From new names? Not really sure, it’s really hard to keep track. Most of my favorites have been probably active many years… From top of my head, I still enjoy music by Portable, Frivolous, Deadbeat (just released amazing album), Anton Kubikov, Robag Wruhme, John Tejada, Mr. G, Ian Pooley, Claude VonStroke or girls like Cinthie, DJ Minx, Sally C, Dana Ruh and there is whole bunch of the names… But I still listen to the music of artists who stopped making music and I really miss them. I also have to give shout out to my Slovak fellows from the label that are worth to check and that would be NoT and Fezoy. These two guys make really great music…

How do you manage to combine such disparate genres? 
I really don’t know. It’s natural I would say… Even as a DJ, I always enjoyed played some house, minimal, some minimal techno, more raw acid sound etc.. I’ve never been a guy who would stuck to one genre of music… And that translated into my music production as well I would say…

How do you manage to give them unity and harmony throughout the album, all of the track seems to gel together extremely well?
Oh thanks… That really feels great to hear this… Well, I probably got to the point, where I got my “signature sound”… As one of my friends, great Canadian DJ and producer Jeff Milligan once told me when I was just starting… Don’t copy anybody, be sure that anytime DJ puts needle on the records, it must be 100% clear it’s your sound So this really warms my heart and what I’ve heard so far, more people things the same, that even there are so many track on the album, they really fit together…

The artwork for the album appears to be a building high up in the mountains, is this take in your homeland of Slovakia or just something you felt you wanted to use to represent your music and this project?

Yes, I took that picture myself… It’s in the mountains called Low Tatras in Slovakia and I think it really translates the name of the album really nice… As you can see (that picture was taken last year), no one could affect how that building ended up otherwise it would look much different or it would not be there at all And it’s really important to say I love mountains…

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Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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