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The SUNANA experience, providing good vibes and positivity through music.

SUNANA is a dynamic DJ and producer duo world known for their exciting and energetic stage performances. The London-based collective, comprised of Sun and Ana, is regularly supported by the world’s top DJs, including David Guetta, Don Diablo, KSHMR, R3HAB, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Lost Frequencies and Steve Aoki.

Recognized for his vibrant and unique style that incorporates a colorful variety of cultural influences. This is where music and culture really collide. SUNANA is on a mission to spread positivity through their music, delivering explosive sets and musical selections that instantly ignite any audience, filled with fun and uplifting vibes. There is no ego here. This is entertainment in its purest form.

The duo have an impressive 25 years of combined experience, performing at hundreds of venues around the world, including events for a selection of today’s biggest brands, Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Glastonbury Festival and Wembley Arena. They are actively presenting a legacy that will transcend time and remove barriers, connect audiences and inspire creativity.

SUNANA productions attract the listener with a strong identity and power that actively motivates people to dance. Incorporating real-world experiences, traditional and memorable melodies, backed by concise vocals and live instrumentation, their songs maintain an inherent message. Passion presides over every performance.

SUNANA’s meteoric success is due to many factors: they share an inspiring authenticity that is always open, honest and communal, sharing connection with others.

Landing on fundamental labels such as Sony Music and Black Lizard has made the brand continue to grow. Evolving from an early DJ duo to an act topping Beatport’s Top 10 charts. His music regularly appears on Spotify playlists including New Music Friday Dance, Operator and Fresh Finds, while his weekly show on Select Radio (London and the UK’s number one dance music station) further highlights the meteoric mark they are leaving on the scene.

It is time to tune into SUNANA, feel its expansive energy and appreciate that this is just the beginning of the SUNANA experience.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing them and this has been the result.

How would you present your work to someone who doesn’t know you?

We are a dj/producer duo from England and France, who play and create House music infused with Latin and Afro elements…and we are married!


What message would you like to convey to the public?

Doing this job is not about being rich and famous, it’s about being part of a community and spreading your love of music. By doing this, and by being authentic, you bring people together and make the world a better, more positive place…one kick drum at a time! 


How was your last project born?

We are in the music studio a lot and our goal for the next few months is to create a new track every week.


What do you want to convey in this work? What is the concept behind it?

Our most recent track was ‘Little Bird’ and we set out to make an uplifting Afro House track all about the importance of never giving up on your dreams.


As for your studio, what is it currently composed of?

Laptop, keyboard, big screen, Focal speakers, Neumann microphone.


What is the one instrument you would never get rid of, no matter what?

Ana’s flute 


What was the last record store you visited? And what did you save from there?

Spillers Records in Cardiff – it’s the oldest record shop in the world!


Do you have hope for the future of music? How would you like the future of the music industry to be?

We hope to see egos less in the way and community more in the light. Diversity and meritocracy is also something that we would like to see more of.


Can you reveal some future projects to us?

We have tracks lined up for release on many labels that we really respect including Adesso Music. We can’t wait to share them with you.

What makes you happy?

Each other 🙂 Also seeing the impact of our music – seeing a sea of smiling faces when we perform is the best thing!

What bothers you?

Rudeness and disrespect. Also, those people who wear their backpacks with one strap slightly slipping off the shoulder – we just want to go up to them and put it on properly 


Can you tell us a bit about your experience? Where are you from / how did you get into music?

Ana studied classical music at the Royal Academy of Music and Sun was a rapper and ragga man in the French urban scene. We have had the privilege to perform in hundreds of venues across the world including Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Glastonbury Festival and Wembley Arena.


How is your sound evolving? What artists and genres do you like to mix at the moment?

We play a lot of Latin House, Afro House and general Tech House. We love tracks with Ragga and Latin vocals and tribal percussion. Some of our favourite artists to play include Major Lazer, Francis Mercier, Shermanology, Hugel, Black Coffee, Mi Casa and Black Caviar.


How do you feel your music influences or impacts your listeners?

We think that our music has a positive influence on our listeners, we aim to spread a message of joy and motivate people to be a community, support each other and grow together.


What projects are you working on right now?

Along with writing lots of new tunes, we are also loving signing lots of new bangers to our label ‘The Vibe Arrived’. So, a shout out to any producers of Latin and Afro House reading this, drop us a DM on insta with your demos – would love to hear them! 


Where are you and what are you doing now?

We are currently in London getting ready for Amsterdam Dance Event next week.


What is your musical criteria?

There is a lot of attention on Latin and Afro House music at the moment and it’s increasing – it’s a style that we have loved, produced and supported for many years. It’s a genre that we feel is really uplifting and easy to vibe to – the energy of the percussion and the flow of the melodies really connect people and we are so happy to see it being celebrated more and more on stages and playlists across the globe. 


We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

There will always be new developments and methods in the music industry and, as in any industry, it is up to the individual to use them to enhance their creativity and better execute their ideas rather than just using them to be mindless and lazy! As with anything, if technology is used intelligently and with integrity, it is a brilliant thing! 

What’s next for SUNANA?

We have lots of fresh music lined up for release, including some amazing remixes and same fab gigs too. Watch this space for New Year’s Eve…just sayin’! 


SUNANA’s Social Media Links: 

YouTube Spotify Beatport

Traxsource Soundcloud


Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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