INTERVIEW: Tha_Guts . Mycelium Network [DSRPTV013]

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“Mycelium is the name given to the set of hyphae of multicellular fungi such as mushrooms. These hyphae expand and connect underground creating a network with all plant species allowing communication between the beings of the habitat for their development.
In Mycelium Network, Tha_Guts walks towards its ecosystem of origin, allowing our imagination to enter into a solitary dance in search of new possibilities of contact and connection networks that strengthen the dialogue between the inhabitants and their environment. In this organic/synthetic landscape, in search of oxygen and delirium, tender and spongy textures surround our trunk that pierce the pores of our skin, seeking the aesthetic mimicry that makes the work an integral part of the medium itself.
In the exchange of narratives on the album, the artist invites us to dance in his own time, presenting an environment in which sounds exist with the purpose of fulfilling a macrostructural function in the development of the whole. Showing that, in order to exist in a group and to remain, we need to expand the current configuration to an adjacent communication model, in which each one aware of their existence can offer ideas and nutrients to the next.
The universe is – and always will be – fickle and volatile. In this tangible body that we wear in the Now, we feel insecure in the face of the immateriality of time and the oscillation of atoms. Thus, amidst the noise and delicate ambiences that guide the work, we walk lost among the clouds in a dream without a script and without an outcome. Walking aimlessly is sometimes necessary and pleasurable. If electronic music has always been aerial and liquid, Mycelium Network emerges from behind new limits with a certain anthropophagic controversy, remembering that dance is not the art of creating empty gestures.”
by Bruna Regina Pietta Abrao
We have had the pleasure of doing the interview and this has been the result.
Hi there! When did the idea of ​​starting a project start to take shape? Has it always been something you wanted to do?
Started in a somewhat crooked way, if I stop to think about it. At first I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, it was an accidental process that eventually made me realize that I needed to take a more concrete course. Currently I have no other focus than music, and it would probably still be this way regardless of the project’s existence.
How would you define the sound of your latest work? What is the concept behind?
Mycelium Network is an album recorded in the pandemic. It’s kind of cliché to say it now but as I look at it, it has a certain melancholy that reflects that period. That said, the album features different moments throughout, with the intention of creating an immersive environment in the macro scale with tracks that link together like a fungal web of mycelia.
What artists are you interested in these days?
Currently I’ve been listening to a lot of Drum N’ Bass, especially Calibre. It’s curious to picture the amount of DJs that have been playing Drum N’ Bass these days, it woke me up to listen to more experimental sounds of the style released in the late 90’s.
How do you manage to combine such nonsense genres? How do you manage to give them unity and harmony? What do they have in common for you?
Given my contact with the clubber universe happened after my contact with the studio itself, I don’t look at music as having those hard divisions that exist in different scenes around the world. Now, as much as I understand the different styles, my purpose is to present music that can be experienced in different spaces, that can be played at the club or even in the living room at home. In this spectrum of possibilities, the connections I see between the tracks are not necessarily based on genre.
Can you tell us something about your current or future projects?
In addition to promoting my new album Mycelium Network, by the end of the year I should launch a new project called Curticle Ben in partnership with another producer.
Para escuchar el lanzamiento, visita el link abajo:
Tha_Guts – Mycelium Network

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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