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Miami Encode sit down with Bestia Sonus, we have been loving their new record “Friday” in the office.

How would you present/describe your work to someone who doesn’t know you?
There was a guy who tried a lot of things in the world, changed two countries and decided once again to change his life and go after his heart)))

He went and wrote an awesome, full of passion, love and fire track )))

And your last record? How was it born? And where do you want it to lead?
Actually, in the beginning it was an ordinary track that I was preparing for my exam
in electronic music school. And all the time I felt that there was something wrong in it,
that I didn’t say the most important thing – my emotion, my passion, my ability to love, to burn,
to wander in the clouds and to invent new worlds )))).
In short, I was freaking out and I was searching…
And I asked my project partners “guys, why don’t we rock this track with heavy guitars????”. …
And … as soon as the heavy guitar riffs appeared – everything just fell into place inside me ))))
And after that we assembled the track together and made it into the pulsating and soaring “Friday” which you can hear ))

What message would you like to convey to the public?
Oh… this is very important.
In all seriousness – the biggest pain for me and the most important theme is the war in Ukraine…
I am Ukrainian, and for me every morning begins with nervous calls and messages to make sure that all my
friends and loved ones are alive and in one piece…
So, the message is very simple – WAR IS ALWAYS BAD!!!!
Don’t let anyone drag you into a war, there is no reason enough to start wars.
I know that Ukraine will survive this fight, but what a high price to pay…

How do you make music? What is most important for you?
I do it with my heart… I catch a sound, an emotion, a picture…
And then everything goes on by itself… And I have teammates who make the process rich,
full of creativity and development and fill it with a huge buzz…

Is there a unifying concept behind your art?
It seems to me that the main concept in any art is the author’s self-expression.
And then some kind of magic sets in, and what you’re doing either resonates in people’s hearts or not.

What makes you unique?
Literally everything)))) I am tall, smart, handsome, charismatic, kind, talented, sexy, I have a big heart and beautiful long legs )))
But my most important and unique quality, as you probably already realized – modesty ))))
Okay, seriously – every person is unique.
Everyone can achieve any results, conquer any goals.
In short, I am an ordinary, unique person, like everyone ))))

As for your studio, what is it currently composed of?
MacBook, Korg synthesizer, Gibson and Taylor guitars ))

What is the one instrument you would never get rid of, no matter what?
Look, I’m Ukrainian… we’re such a economic nation – we never get rid of anything, if we get our hands on something,
it’s probably forever ))))))))

Do you have hope for the future of music? How would you like the future of the music industry to be?

I really wanted to invent a service that would help young and talented musicians to open up and find their listeners.
There are a lot of talented people in the world,
and it’s still a mystery to me why there isn’t some philanthropic effort like Aplle or Spotify for talented musicians who need support?

Can you reveal some future projects to us?
I really want to make three videos – about Israel, Ukraine and Turkey. That would show people living
in these countries not through the stereotypes that have been formed, but through the culture and inner light of people living in these countries.
People need to see other people not through the eyes of journalists of world holdings –
whose messages are often temporary and subjective – but through the eyes of the people of art…

What makes you happy?
Every day that I live, in which there are people near and dear to me – friends, colleagues, project partners.
Awareness of how much the universe gives me.
The happy eyes of my daughter and my wife.

What bothers you?
What worries me is the war in Ukraine. And the fact that at the beginning of the 22nd century mankind, having gone through two world wars,
the wars in Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan, has not learned how to negotiate with each other.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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