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The Nervous Records has shown us, in its long journey, by a clear commitment to a typology of music producers, which if something characterizes them is their irregularity, focused on their search for multiple unstable paths and that, weathering the storm, reap success . and incorporating everything that the experience offers them, they suddenly emerge with proposals as unique and surprising as that of their own personal trajectory. They work attentively to detect when it is time to enter the studio with the artists to turn everything upside down…

Giuseppe La Piana and Mario Longhitano, also known as Pierre and Crz, are two Sicilian DJs/producers.
They began to cultivate their musical experiences since adolescence, following the most important festivals on the island.
In December 2015, Pierre starts a new path with his event organization SK Events.
Later, in 2017, unable to do without music and their desire to party, Pierre & Crz started performing B2B in the main Etna roots clubs, such as Taitù, Marabù, Tropicana, Ecs Dogana, Hangar 22, Lua Beach and Afrobar. .

Also being part of the three main festivals in Sicily, such as One Day Music Vulkano Summit Festival and U.M.F. Ambitious and extroverted, today they offer DJ sets that oscillate between House and Techno with very Latin sounds, reaching an increasingly wide audience.
In addition, they are co-owners of TurLab Records. Now they publish on Nervous Records, with a unique result.

The sound of both has a common characteristic recognized by recurring themes, such as nostalgia, melody and cosmic depth, which catches you, but without losing energy.

We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that this album is testimony to a turbulent and uncertain present, which will enhance our memories forever. Thanks to records like this, we can continue fighting for a better future.



Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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