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Shinning bright, Shawn Jackson is a rising star within the Electronic Music world; conquering dancefloors around the globe and winning the attention of genre enthusiasts with his fearlessly unique signature style, the talented Producer and DJ is a beaming beacon of creativity, passion, and devotion. With an already prominent place on the scene as a skilled creator and label boss maestro, Shawn Jackson continues to amaze and surprise his followers, pushing boundaries and reimagining the role of the Producer within the vast and colourful landscape of Electronic Music. As he shows his support for up-and-coming DJs and Producers and revolutionises the sounds of the genre, Shawn Jackson shows himself to be unlike any other currently on the scene.

As he continues to curate and develop a distinctly unique sonic identity, Shawn Jackson’s signature style appears as an ever-evolving extension of his unwaveringly passionate creativity; even after a 30-year-long career within the industry, Shawn Jackson keeps finding new ways to excite and engage with his listeners, discovering fresh and compelling sounds that elevate his productions to heights beyond expectation. It is no surprise, therefore, that his music has enjoyed numerous successes, with over 200 of his tracks reaching chart-topping places across well-known platforms and his productions earning support from the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Solardo, Joseph Carpriati, and Marco Corloa, heavyweight names within the genre; as the support he garners from VIP’s within Electronic Music keeps growing, Shawn Jackson is rapidly propelling to the forefront of the genre.

When it comes to his artistic prowess, Shawn Jackson’s creativity knows no bounds; now presenter of his weekly radio show ‘Higher Grounds Radio’, the talented DJ and Producer has taken his expertise and knowledge into this fresh creative outlet. With a platform to showcase his exceptional musical tastes and admirable mixing skills, Shawn Jackson has heated up the airwaves with seamlessly blended mixes and striking track line-ups from a diverse range of artists. Fast becoming the go-to destination for genre enthusiasts to get their fix of electrifyingly energetic Electronic Music, ‘Higher Grounds Radio’ has established Shawn Jackson’s place as a true tastemaker within the genre, captivating listeners across the world as he brings an exciting party-starter energy with each episode.

Leaving no stone unturned, Shawn Jackson has swept across the genre of Electronic Music with a powerful force: owner of two labels, host of a widely popular radio show, and a dynamically unique Producer and DJ, there is no doubt that Shawn Jackson has had an impact on the landscape of the genre. With a promise to keep building momentum, Shawn Jackson is sure to keep making his mark, and as he continues to carve out his creative path, one thing is for certain: Shawn Jackson deserves our attention.

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Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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