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The scenery of Electronic Music is painted with a vibrant and exciting colour that sees the genre maintaining a diverse and varied population; ever growing as it embraces new techniques, trends, and styles, the genre’s consistent evolvement appears as one of its defining characteristics. Therefore, with such a culture for growth and experimentation, it seems surprising that there are Artists whose innovation remains distinct and unique; however, the Amsterdam-based Producer Clan Brude has emerged within Electronic Music as a pioneering talent whose ingenious sonic persona appears unmatched by any other on the scene.

Early on in his musical journey, and guided by an initial interest in Electronic Music, Clan Brude took to exploring the vast landscape of the genre; as he went, he found himself intrigued by the punchy sounds emerging from Drum and Bass, a lasting interest that continues to materialise in his own work. Determined to be a distinctive addition to Electronic Music, Clan Brude set about developing an individual signature sound, one, whilst influenced by the powerful and electrifying beats of Drum and Bass, appears as a diverse amalgamation of his wide range of creative catalysts and a powerful symbol of his passion and enthusiasm for Electronic Music.

Not only does Clan Brude find inspiration in the sounds of the genre, but it is often outside of music where he discovers most of his creative motivation; for example, his 2022 single, ‘Songzanlin,’ was inspired by a trip to the Chinese Province of Yunnan, and his upcoming EP, ‘Temporary Places,’ reflects the time he spent in Shanghai during the 2022 lockdown. With such a diverse assortment of creative stimuli, tending to find inspiration in life itself, Clan Brude’s productions deliver an energy and sound incomparable to any other.

To effectively communicate his eclectic range of influences, Clan Brude continually forces his creativity into new and experimental realms; actively seeking out fresh and revolutionary sounds, Clan Brude elevates his productions, discovering original ways to convey meaning and context. As he explores innovative techniques, Clan Brude ensures his evolvement as an Artist; motivated in his growth and authentic in his display of his captivating sonic persona, this is a Producer unrestrained by creative limitations, consistently confident in his approach to cultivating a unique sound, and as such Clan Brude emerges as a true trailblazer of the genre.

Rooted deep within his very essence as a Producer, Clan Brude has a passion and love for Electronic Music that sees him continually chasing innovation; never one to sit back and relax, his determined drive to curate sonically intriguing and immersive productions will continue to take his sound to new heights and cement his position amongst the top talents in the business. With a musical journey that is nowhere near its final destination, Clan Brude is most certainly a Producer to keep watching.

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Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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