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As the world of Electronic Music continues to grow, evolving as new artists join the scene, there is one talent whose boundless creativity and enthusiastic passion enable them to shine bright and rise from the dense and diverse landscape of the genre: that artist is Meetch. Emerging on the scene as a rising star, Meetch has captivated audiences around the globe with his highly energetic production style; as he drives the genre into realms outside the ordinary, delving into new creative territories and pushing boundaries, this talented Producer and DJ is certainly carving out a distinct path that sees him appear as a true trailblazer within Electronic Music.

As he emerged from the diverse and exciting Dance Music scene of New York City, feeding off its vibrancy and colourful energy, it wasn’t long before Meetch’s reputation as a live DJ soon began to grow; the opportunity to play the renowned KahBang Festival in Maine early on in his musical journey set him on a path that has since seen him taking to the stage at top venues across America, including the legendary New York spots of Pacha and Stage 48. Unstoppable in his drive and motivation, Meetch is no doubt a powerful force on the Electronic Music scene and his achievements to date are proof of this. His popularity continues to soar as he delivers enthralling live performances time and time again, bringing seamlessly blended mixes and electrifying sounds to his crowds Meetch never fails to unite audiences into rapturous motion: a credit to his talents, the energy he creates is unlike any other. A master of the decks, Meetch ignites nights with his magnetic charisma, hypnotising audiences with an infectiously joyous stage presence that is certainly unforgettable. Having already shared the stage with industry heavyweights like Skrillex, Deorro and 12th Planet, there is no doubt that Meetch will continue building momentum, positioning himself to reach new milestones as he explores his passion, presenting an innovative and original approach to expressing creativity.   

Recently, Meetch branched into another creative avenue, releasing episodes of his new radio show ‘Digital Dance Radio’. Shining a light on the diverse and vivid vibrancy of Electronic Music, the radio show showcases Meetch’s unique perspective on the genre, spotlighting his admirable tastes and impressive mixing skills. As he delivers striking track line-ups, igniting the airwaves with the mighty sounds of the genre, Meetch is quickly gaining recognition within Electronic Music as an exciting tastemaker, one whose talents and experience cement his name high on the list of innovators currently working to revolutionise Electronic Music.

With each creative move, Meetch reinforces his position within the genre, continuing to impress and surprise his fans as he strives towards individualism and originality. As he leaves his followers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in his remarkable musical journey, one thing is for certain, Meetch is one to watch closely as the next instalment promises to be an unmissable and riveting adventure.

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Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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