Lift Me High: Melgazzo

today06/15/2023 15

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Lift Me High: Melgazzo

Akin to a well-guarded secret weapon, this track promises an all-night dance marathon that lingers even after the music fades. The latest entrant in the Techno scene, ‘Lift Me High’ by Melgazzo, carves a niche with its unique soundscape reminiscent of productions of some of the heavier artists on the circuit. The track is a hybrid techno beast, integrating mesmerizing vocals with high-powered Techno elements and acid lines, garnering attention not only from Techno aficionados but also from wider enthusiasts.

A true testament to Melgazzo’s style, ‘Lift Me High’ shines as a beacon in the Brazilian electronic scene, a beacon that is set to illuminate the European Summer Festival Season.


Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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