MaMan returns to Enormous Vision with Feeding The Fire

today09/08/2023 12

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Dutch producer MaMan makes his return to Enormous Vision, working with the stunning vocals of MARYN to bring us ‘Feeding The Fire’.

Landing as a single release MaMan’s instantly recognisable progressive sounds come to light carrying you effortlessly towards the breakdown which is dominated by the captivating MARYN top lines before being thrown into punchy melodic house groove.‘Feeding the Fire’ is one of the most special songs I have ever made. It’s just one of those songs that you have to experience yourself. It takes you on a captivating journey between melancholy and nostalgia. The airy vocals are written by the amazingly talented MARYN, which perfectly complements the deep yet driving instrumental. The song feels like a story, fairytale almost, from beginning to end. Best enjoyed with closed eyes or during nighttime.” – MaMan

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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