Maracuja – Sonic Tapestry of a Burning Soul [Secret Music]

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Maracuja – Sonic Tapestry of a Burning Soul [Secret Music]

Maracuja’s “Portrait of a Soul on Fire” is not just music; it’s a cinematic exploration of sound, a Balearic lullaby, and a sunshine-soaked jazzy landscape all in one. The trio, with their unique blend of afro-beat, funk, and jazz, paints a vivid portrait of musical storytelling that is as intriguing as it is joyful. Elle’s ethereal vocal poems are the cherry on top, weaving a beguiling spell that pays homage to the greats. The title track is a mesmerizing piece where color, intertextuality, and passion collide, leaving plenty of space for Elle to paint a picture of the archetypal artist’s journey. “Goddess” is an ode to femininity in its all-encompassing creative and fertile energy, with Elle’s tribute to feminine energy flavored with inspiration from the unparalleled poetry of Ursula Rucker. It’s a musical feast that leaves the listener yearning for more.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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