Marching Machines presents Hymn EP (inc. Damon Jee & Parissior Remixes) en Espacio Cielo

today06/01/2022 20 1

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Espacio Cielo is back, and it does so with the Belgian duo: Marching Machines and their thunderous EP ‘Hymn’, which is accompanied by remixes from the likes of Damon Jee and the head of the label, Parissior, who give it a script twist. to this very interesting proposal.

‘Hymn’ is a serious work, carefully cared for, that lends itself to starting it and not returning to reality until it’s finished. They manage to create unique landscapes, where electronic music is transformed into a pure cinematographic environment. A music full of multiple axes and edges, resulting in a work that, above all, is defined by its great personality. Compositions that will make you travel and flood you with breaths of fresh air.

We do not know where to register his latest work, since he is capable of navigating between various genres with ease and mastery. We could say that his court of retro-futuristic electronics is the most honest and eclectic to date. The acid basslines and the trippy ensemble take us on a dark, sidereal journey. All these languages ​​and influences from which he was nurtured dialogue on this album, creating new, different and highly evolved sound organisms.

In such a complex and chaotic moment, ‘Hymn’ becomes a place as wonderful as it is necessary.


Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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