Matter of Phat’s Debut: ‘Facing Facts EP’ [ceol crua]

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Matter of Phat’s Debut: ‘Facing Facts EP’ [ceol crua]

In the ceaseless tide of techno releases, ‘Facing Facts EP’ casts a distinct ripple, heralding the birth of Ceol Crua label with a noteworthy splash. Matter of Phat, the alliance of Paddy Kearns, Sam DFL, and Rich Sortwell, steps into the scene with an offering that has a blend of seasoned experience and audacious new-age techno.

The ghosts of Acid Techno legends like DAVE the Drummer and Chris Liberator seem to nod in approval with the beats of ‘Tekno Power’ and the rhythmic assertions of ‘Stay on Top’.

The Paddy Kearns’ tribal remix of ‘Tekno Power’ is a sonic sojourn but one that adds a narrative depth to ‘Facing Facts EP’. It’s a venture into the unknown, with tribal beats carving pathways through the dense forest of techno sounds. The EP is a collection of tracks, intended to make bold statement of what Ceol Crua aspires to represent in the techno realm.

We are keen to hear more.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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