New Beatport?

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I just woke up from a power nap when… New Beatport? What on Earth is going on?

I found on my social’s feed that they just changed their logo. So I needed to dig a little bit more on this.

I was relly shocked by that new “b” or however you want to call it.  Seriously, that designer is gold if could sell that, can sell anything.

Then, I stroke my chin, scratched my head, thought a little bit more, and questioned me again. Why? 

You do not change a 13 years-old logo with no reason at all.

They have announced at the same time many updates within the service, some of them are already known by the users. These are as follows:

  • Beatport LINK, that is going to finally be available on Traktor PRO (a bit too late).
  • A mobile APP, only available on iOS (for now).
  • That is.

Basically they are redisigning Beatport and focusing on the Beatport LINK services ecosystem. The new APP can be great news for the DJs as they can discover new music, buy music, make playlists, etc. on the palm of their hands, as Beatport’s mobile  web is a bit clumsy.

I guess that Beatport wants to move towards a music subscription system for DJs. Let’s see the few next movements.


Written by: Rwbel Official

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