Night Tales Release Official Cover of The Cure’s, “Lovesong,” Ahead of Debut Album

today06/27/2022 17

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The enigmatic Australian duo, Night Tales, burst onto the scene in 2018 with viral single releases that conveyed their compelling blend of electronica laced with singer-songwriter sensibilities. Driving an identity of swag and soul in indie dance music, Night Tales is bridging the gap between urban and electronic music.

Night Tales is leading a wave of progressive electronic acts that implement real voices, narration and live instruments within a DJ environment. Its acclaim has yet to reach such heights as it will this week, when Night Tales will release an official version of The Cure classic “Lovesong” on Friday June 24th.

This work demonstrates the particular way in which the producer understands sound, located at the opposite end of the commercial, the generic, what he works with: what he does is, on the contrary, a kind of unstable magma of pulsations and radiances, with traces of melodic and blurred textures, pursuing a serene, spiritual, almost ascetic expression. All those languages ​​and influences from which he was nurtured dialogue in this work, creating new, different and highly evolved sound organisms.

“Lovesong” is a rarity that connects this producer with new sounds, but without losing its festive essence, where the differences between musical styles and eras mix and harmonize with tremendous lightness. Endrik has shown us once again, because in turbulent times, good music is not only made of electronic darkness.

Night Tales creates music that works in all settings and transcends genres. Her openness of him to a wide range of sounds is what has made him a beloved favorite, but also someone who operates in her own parallel musical world. Night Tales leaves nothing behind and confirms the mission that electronic music has always had: to play with the present and advance into the unknown, beyond entertainment. The result is a work as experimental as it is intense and addictive, which takes over oneself like sweet poison, while progressively transporting us, as few producers with a certain fluidity are willing to do. We do not know what the future holds, but we do know that this record is testimony to a turbulent and uncertain present, which will remain in our memory forever. For records like this, we can continue to fight for a better future.



Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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