“notgood@sports” EP [51Beats]

today09/25/2022 27

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The “notgood@sports” EP is made up of two original Savnko songs: notgood@sports and c’mon, accompanied by a bunch of remixes from 51Beats artists and friends: Crayon Mortel, Double Precision, Giacomo Vanelli, Joao Ceser, Random Name and Thrace.

The goal of notgood@sports is to instill the daily bitterness that surrounds us, from uncertainty about the future to exhaustion and frustration related to our daily routines. The original “animated electronic pop” version is performed by Random Name with the most energetic track closing the release leaving you breathless.

The EP as a whole manages to provide introspection, an absorbing twilight energy and light, and that closes an album that knows how to turn musical pulp into a refreshing ambrosia juice. The more the record is listened to, the more difficult it is to place it in a specific geographical location. His music seems to never solidify, to be a flow of sounds and impressions that never seem to remain fixed in place or memory, like a perfume or a quick vision of a body in motion, to the point of postulating itself as one of the true values ​​of the future of meek and shiny electronics.

We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that this album is testimony to a turbulent and uncertain present, which will remain in our memory forever. Thanks to records like this, we can continue fighting for a better future.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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