REVIEW: Cartin presents U Got My Number? / Endz


Fresh from a debut Boiler Room performance at the world famous AVA Festival, releases on Extended Play, Nocturne & Rudimentary Records, and captivating live performances on Celtronic, Derry’s own Cartin delivers a two-track EP that spans lairy UK electro- breaks and glitch-driven Techno that throws a well-deserved spotlight on exactly why the Emerald Isle is so excited about it.

Undoubtedly one of the most electrifying talents to emerge from Northern Ireland in recent years, Cartin’s spirited performances and captivating electronic productions have cemented his status as ‘upcoming’ in Ireland, following a path pioneered by recent artists. Kessler and Sputnik One. Incorporating live guitar elements into almost everything he does, it’s these elements that ensure Cartin stands out in a sea of ​​the same.

“You have my number?” it is a declaration of intentions in the last trajectory of this artist, with more desire to experiment than to reaffirm his habitual formulas. An album that offers us a deep journey full of textures that evoke freedom, like the sea breeze or a deep breath in the middle of nature. This renewed bet plays a lot with light and darkness.

Cartin consolidates with this album with a more refined sound, but also raised from a creative point of view necessary to avoid falling into lethargy or boredom, to which the genre tends by inertia. From each note arises a cluster of harmonic and melodic beauty, where the sounds evolve as we approach the central corpus of the theme, maintaining a constant rhythm, which makes us keep our feet on the ground, while the rest of the sounds free us. . . and shoot us to the afterlife

“You have my number?” it is a rarity that connects this producer with new sounds, but without losing its festive essence, where the differences between musical styles and eras mix and harmonize, with tremendous lightness. Cartin has shown us this with his album, because in dark times, good music is not only made of electronic darkness.

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