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Thanks to labels like Higher Ground, they have managed to ensure that some artists, of indisputable quality and musical trajectory, ignored by market trends, can emerge and reappear in the most fair way, as is the case that concerns us now, their compilation Vol. 3

The compilation, directed by Diplo, shows us a level of intense content but, on the other hand, the care of the sounds that the producers release is at the level of those who do things because they want and with the time they really need. They are, then, productions that when you get close to them the halo they give off catches you: rare, singular and, here comes the best, powerful, magnetic and danceable. Beats that mark but without overwhelming us, an oldschool (authentic) touch, somewhat eccentric synthesizers and a rather cheerful and festive general tone, are some of the adjectives that we can pull off our sleeves if we want to qualify this innovative proposal.

Each producer summarizes his intentions in this compilation, seeking novelty without losing nostalgia, playing with the genre but without falling into predictable tricks, or the arrogance of someone who casts himself in a genre or mannerism to show that he has personality. Paradoxically, to achieve simplicity and lucidity requires experience and the ability to know how to free oneself from the limitations of conditioning, and this first compilation is a healthy example of this.

In addition, this selection maintains a narrative line that shows that his compositions are not nihilistic, but are part of a process that, thanks to the mastery of his compilers, is easy to enter. We could almost say that that punk attitude that runs through each song no longer belongs to the young, since maturity can also be their golden age. For this very reason, the best of the compilation is not so much what it contains, but what it promises: having made the necessary balance, it is known that what has to come from Higher Ground in the future will be even better.


Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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