REVIEW: Maybe Memories Are Our Only Relief is Alfonsvs’

today10/05/2023 6

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Porto-based label Kokölò returns with its fourth release: Alfonsvs’ ‘Maybe Memories Are Our Only Relief’ EP.

In his latest EP, Alfonsvs is inspired by that feeling of melancholy that comes from remembering happy memories, knowing that we can never feel the same again. With this in mind, Alfonsvs presents a trio of techno tracks specially designed for the dance floor and the current festival season, and the emotions they generate.

We are faced with a material that is neither new nor is it going to reactivate the popularity of its mental and physical sound, but its merit lies – and that is no small thing – in updating ideas that had been dormant for a long time, or poorly disseminated, to which They have suddenly been given a new shock to wake up again. The album is an ideal way to reconcile with this exploratory and pure sound that true fans always know how to appreciate and applaud.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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