REVIEW: Moiety & Manik – Voodoo Hoodoo Remixed [Rugged Society]

today04/05/2022 2

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After seven years since this Dutch duo released their infamous “Attic edits” EP, Moiety & Manik are back. Voodoo Hoodoo is their new 3-track EP packed with psychedelic analog heat for dancefloors and tribal rituals. Each track tells its own story, from voodoo scenes to deep sea worlds. This EP doesn’t let itself be defined by genres, but the style can be described as percussion driven electronic music that will play with your imagination and take you on a journey.

The level of production of these guys is intense but, on the other hand, the care of the sounds they release is up to the level of those who do things because they want to and with the time they really need. That’s why it’s about productions that when you approach carefully you get trapped by the halo that it gives off: rare, singular and, here comes the best, powerful, magnetic and danceable. Beats that mark but without burdening us, an oldschool touch (authentic), somewhat eccentric synthesizers and a rather cheerful and festive general tone, are some of the adjectives that we can pull out of our sleeves if we want to describe this innovative proposal.

Each producer sums up his intentions on this album, seeking novelty without losing nostalgia, playing with the genre but without falling into predictable tricks, nor the arrogance of those who cling to a genre or mannerism to demonstrate that they have personality. Paradoxically, to achieve simplicity and lucidity, experience and the ability to free oneself from the limitation of conditioning are required, and this work is also a healthy example of this.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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