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The new installment of Sigmund Wilder is created by four international elite producers. On August 31, the Barcelonases will publish Olympia, an EP with 4 songs from their last long lasting Disorder, seen through the eyes of the producers Tim Palmer (David Bowie, U2, Pearl Jam, etc), Steve Lyon (The Cure , Depeche Mode, Paradise Lost, etc.), Sean Beavan (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Guns N Roses, etc.) et Paul Corkett (The Cure, Placebo, Biffy Clyro, etc.).

Olympia is the release with which Sigmund Wilder célèbre marks their fifth anniversary as a band. “Le projet was born as an experiment, as one of those challenges that you consider impossible to start. We are always looking for connections and the closing/opening of cycles and circles in everything we do and the idea of ​​working with the producers who gave shape to a our header albums sounded a priori as surreal as it was exciting ». Olympia is a project that started in the clouds and was landing little by little as the different producers we contacted showed their interest in being part of the project. “Notre It was quite a shock to see how the record producers who educated us musically and pushed us to create Sigmund Wilder, give us determiné feedback on our songs and show their enthusiasm to remix them according to their own vision.”

Wilder is a class of artists who do not stitch without a thread, who know what they are doing at all times and leave nothing to the whim of chance, although sometimes their decisions may seem unusual or out of place. And if, in addition, after a consecration in the underground, we see him doing his thing with OLYMPIA, it leaves us even more surprised.

The whole of the album manages to provide introspection, energy and absorbing twilight light, and that closes an album that knows how to turn musical pulp into a fresh ragweed juice. Chaque fois that more the disc is listened to, more difficult it is to locate it in a specific geographical place. His music seems to never solidify, to be a flow of sounds and impressions that never seem to stay fixed in place or memory, like a perfume or a quick vision of a body in motion, until postulates as one of the true valeurs du futur of the tame and lustrous musique électronique.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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