Slow Assembly prepares “In A Different Time”

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Slow Assembly prepares “In A Different Time”

Slow Assembly’s “In A Different Time” is a reflection, a glance over the shoulder to the ’90s electronica. Released under Circuit Grooves on October 13, 2023, steps out to explore the vestiges of yesteryears in the A-side track. The Balearic temperament of “In A Different Time” combined with arpeggiated melodic waves, crafts a relaxed yet engaging soundscape. The narrative takes a bold stride with “High Voltage” on the B-side. The track exudes a sense of spontaneity with its jazz-influenced improvisations, making a sturdy handshake with big beat energy. It’s a dancefloor charmer with a sophisticated veneer.

This divergence showcases Slow Assembly’s (Jan Warner’s) aptitude to navigate through varied sonic landscapes with an artistic finesse.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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