Tasting Notes: ‘Salted Chocolate’ by Baloo & Carlo [Gabu Records]

today08/17/2023 14

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Tasting Notes: ‘Salted Chocolate’ by Baloo & Carlo [Gabu Records]

Oh, deadlines. But even in haste, one can’t overlook the ingenuity in “Salted Chocolate.” Dropped to us by Gabu Records, the brainchild of Baloo, this tune is a lesson in harmony. Baloo, the Saudi DJ who has been breaking norms and boundaries in his homeland, fuses his Jazz, Funk, and R&B roots into this single. Carlo, his Berlin-based counterpart, layers this track with his storied House magic, honed from his work with prestigious labels like Shall Not Fade. The outcome? “Salted Chocolate,” a track as inviting as its name, designed to fill spaces—big and intimate—with driving, warm beats and subtle, inspired percussion. To be released this August 17, 2023, this is one not to be missed, no matter how swamped you are.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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