The ‘America’ of Fellow Alliances: A Sonic Odyssey

today09/07/2023 2

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The ‘America’ of Fellow Alliances: A Sonic Odyssey

In a world oversaturated with electronica, Fellow Alliances’ ‘America’ emerges. Released by Secret Lovers Records, the record dances on the fine line between techno’s hypnotic pulse and ambient’s tranquil embrace. Nadia Struiwigh’s remix is a masterstroke, echoing giants while creating a realm uniquely her own.

Yet, it’s the original “America” that proves a revelation. Barbara Gogan’s experimental tendencies, intertwined with Marco Dianese’s artistry, craft a piece where electronic pulses palpably bleed emotion. Dive in, for ‘America’ is less a destination and more an expedition of sound.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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