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The Chemical Brothers – The Darkness That You Fear [Review]

today05/20/2021 8 1

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First things first, I have to say that I am a big fan of the Manchester duo know as The Chemical Brother, so you cannot take my review as an impartial one.

The Darkness That You Fear

This is without any doubt a very positive and optimistic track, that if you don’t pay attention to, at the beginning may sound a bit dark.

However, I do believe that is exactly the intention of its creators. The song and its lyrics tell us, that we are coming from the shadows or  darker times, as the ones we are currently living on, but eventually this darkness will disappear and we will be able to spread the good vibes, the love, the dance, the music and all the positive things that make us human.

I like to compare this piece to “The Golden Path” as they serve just as two opposite tracks that complete each other. The first time I listened to “The Golden Path” I thought it was a very happy and cheerful track, I couldn’t be any wronger, that track is freaking dark and disturbing once you pay attention to it (I bloody love that track).  Now it’s just the opposite, and I also love it.

One of the best things of this song is that it remains loyal to The Chemical Brothers’ style, it is easily recognizable and at the same time you will not mistake it with another track as it is also unique.

The visuals are great, as always they have been in every single VideoClip from The Chemical Brothers. This time it combines flashing visuals with a summer of love and early 90’s UK Rave flavour that will take you back and forth in time, because you are just wanting to the “go” signal that will start a new Summer of Love, 33 years later, 33 as the RPM a vinyl record turns, we cannot miss it this time and they play with our excitement in order to start partying again.

Just one thing, this is going to be a true 2021 hit.

Written by: Rwbel Official

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