The Green Kingdom – Ether Hymns

today11/09/2023 9

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The Green Kingdom – Ether Hymns

Immerse yourself in “Ether Hymns,” where The Green Kingdom crafts a soundscape that encapsulates the essence of the ethereal. The album, set for release by the esteemed Dronarivm label, is a masterful blend of ambient melodies that speak of the skies and the silent spaces between. “Tradewinds” is a highlight, a track that flows with an organic ease, weaving through the rest of the album like a breeze through an open window. Each piece, from “Sunsetgradient” to “Swayd,” is a delicate but resonant touch that echoes the thoughtful musings on the nature of sound—emerging from the silence, filling the air, and then returning to the quiet from whence it came. It’s a musical journey that mirrors the ephemeral journey of life itself, inviting reflection and introspection.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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