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TheArchitech – Solstice EP (Review)

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TheArchitech is a newcomer techno producer, who is completely surrounded by mystery. Nobody knows where he really comes from, despite all the clues pointing to somewhere in Germany, or even how he looks as he hides behind a mask.

Solstice is his second ever release, at least under this name, it is a very precise piece of work that left us with many interesting questions about where this artist has been hiding for so long. 


What can we say about Solstice? In the first place I have to say that is a very impressive work that made me raise an eyebrow from the very beginning of the track. You may think that the track is not very innovative, but the way he is combining all the elements and how the blend makes this EP a very solid round work. As I was saying , the main synth is carrying the main feeling, a bit chilled, where the underlying one is adding some tension.

There isn’t much more to add appart from a perfect kick and bass that seems to be welded together, and the vocals, I almost forgot that… Probably, if you close your eyes you will forget to open them again, as you will be transported to a different reality where clubs were opened without any restrictions.

Once I finished the first track I thought, “well that’s all…” I couldn’t be any wronger. Suddenly a massive track, “Die Zauberflöte”, started pondering without any compassion. It wasn´t its kick what was hitting me, it was the synth with a trancey melody that kept me listening. You will find all the elements you can imagine, most of the time when this happens you find a muddy sound, but this time everything is perfectly layered, you can listen clearly to every single sound what allows you to listen to the track paying attention to different parts every time you play it, so you will never get bored of it.

After listening to this huge EP, I started to research about this artist, I couldn’t find much about him. But apparently, he is a live performer! I really cannot wait to see him live in a club. I just can say, follow him and stay tuned!


Written by: Rwbel Official

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