Tom Toms – Get The Mix! [Back Door Records]

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Tom Toms – Get The Mix! [Back Door Records]

Tom Toms has marked his debut with “Get The Mix!” on Back Door Records, released on Friday, September 22, 2023. This EP is a fusion of house, breakbeat, and funky vibes across three killer tracks, serving a sick blend of genres that will keep the dancefloor alive and kicking.

The EP kicks off with “Get The Mix!”, a track that blends house energy with hypnotic grooves, submerging the listeners in its dynamic rhythm. The second track, “Memory Mining,” is a sonic excavation into breakbeat territory, forging nostalgic sounds with a contemporary edge, resonating deep within the soul. “Stellar Highway” closes the EP, riding on waves of synth arrangements and propulsive beats, leaving listeners mooving to its vibrant and adventurous sound.

Tom Toms’ ingenious method of blending electronic textures gives rise to a distinctive and novel sound, embodying forward-thinking innovation and lasting memorability. From the wandering bassline of the opening track to the crushed rhythms of the closing tune, Tom Toms has crafted a unique sonic identity that is a glimpse into the future of breaks, house, and electro.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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