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On many occasions, the world of music is similar to that of the stock market, and the attention paid to an artist depends on his ability to be ubiquitous, to never step on the brake. There are those who are ‘up’ more for the gift of timing and persistence than for the true quality of their music, and then we have those who are down. But thanks to their unions like this TURKEY – Fundraising Compilation, they have managed to allow some artists, of indisputable quality and musical trajectory, ignored by market trends, to emerge and re-emerge in the most fair way, as is the case that concerns us now.

Following the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, some of the top house music producers are showing their solidarity with this 21-track V/A fundraising compilation.

The compilation will be released to support and raise money to help those who recently lost their families and homes in this terrible tragedy.

100% of the proceeds from the launch will be donated directly to AHBAP, a trusted and independent NGO currently working hard in the affected regions:

The tracks are strong and leap above the prevailing conventions, knowing how to avoid the most recurring rawness and darkness, looking for dance but without predictable tricks and without exceeding an understandable level of experimentation suitable for the track.

In addition, this selection maintains a narrative line that shows that his compositions are not nihilistic, but are part of a process that, thanks to the mastery of his compilers, is easy to enter.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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