Various – Hexagonal Club Vol. 4 LP (Pont Neuf Records)

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1. DJ Psychiatre – Subtle Illusion (single out August 11)
2. Mira Ló – Don’t Look Back (single out August 18)
3. Berzingue – Riviera (single out August 4)
4. Tour-Maubourg & bendrik – Elements of House (single out June 16)
5. Flabaire – The Bee’s Boo (single out July 7)
6. Groove Boys Project – What’s Drums? (single out July 28)
7. EG – To Whom It May Concern (single out September 1)
8. KX9000 – Meatloaf (single out July 14)
9. Cosmonection & Maison Blanche – The Beginning (single out July 22)
10. THEOS – Remember High School (single out June 23)
11. Vitess – Fudji Call (single out August 25)
12. Tatie Dee – Moutchouk (single out June 30)

Pont Neuf Records is a prominent record label in the French house scene that has made a significant impact since its establishment in 2016. With 40 releases in just 7 years, the label has showcased exceptional artists such as Tour-Maubourg, Oden & Fatzo, Mira Ló, THEOS, Cosmonection, Vitess, and more.

In celebration of their 7th anniversary, Pont Neuf Records presents the latest installment of their renowned yearly compilation series, ‘Hexagonal Club’. This compilation exemplifies the label’s essence, featuring both established and emerging artists who define the new wave of French house music. From familiar names like Tour-Maubourg, Cosmonection, and Mira Ló to guest artists like Flabaire, bendrik, Maison Blanche, Groove Boys Project, EG, and Tatie Dee’s, this compilation captures the dynamic energy and creativity that has been thriving in France for years.

“This new volume of our Hexagonal Club compilations brings together some of the talented artists who are driving the evolution of the French house scene. It serves as a musical photo novel, documenting this incredibly creative period that I am fortunate to experience as a label manager, having crossed paths with many exceptionally talented artists along the way.” – Thomas Prunier (Pont Neuf’s founder and label manager).

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Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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