Zar – Practice Makes Miracles

today03/01/2023 22

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London-based artist Zar, also known as Arun Dhanjal, is set to release his debut EP titled “Practice Makes Miracles” on March 16th under ANARP Records. The 20-minute EP features a blend of Techno, UK Garage, and Deep House, accompanied by delicate ambient sounds and unorthodox sequencing. The EP was created during the pandemic and after a Vipassana meditation retreat, where Zar found inspiration for his exploration of music as a means of recalibrating the inner world. Using a Buchla 200e emulator plugin, Zar created a unique sound that allowed the instrument to dictate the creation process. The EP is intended to be experienced as a continuous flow of tracks, showcasing Zar’s intention of exploring the duality of the magical and the mundane, spirituality and facing fear.

Written by: Alejandro Serrano

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